VFX Creative Director: Chris Friend
VFX: Chris Friend
DIRECTOR: Jennifer Sindon
COMPANY: Vision Friend

"Our anatomy is a beautiful machine; a flesh suit animated by magnetic light."

VFX Supervising notes:

The first note is the "Exploding Eye" section. My solution was to create puppeteering gloves, where the base of the "blood strings" were attached to a rotating skull on a pedestal and the other end of the strings were attached to different fingers on a pair of gloves. The puppeteer could slowly bring the blood strings out of the eye sockets and separate the strands by moving apart the hands and fingers.

The second note, is a solution I came up with to make the "Moving Meat" section of the video. We constructed large cardboard "combs" that had many strands of string woven back and forth. With two large combs, one puppeteer could be on the left of the actress and one on the right. The string "meat" could then be wrapped around her face and slowly moved.

Eventually I rotoed out all the footage we had shot and overlaid multple takes, creating the multilayered collage at the climax of the video.

-Chris Friend