Vision Friend Manifests Dreams into Reality

Designing my logo, the influences that shaped me became clear.

The Face: a ground-breaking, 80's and 90's popular culture and style magazine, who pushed outside the bounds in graphic design and fashion. They took a high-minded, distant, and yet playful approach to pop culture.

1980's era, Vision Street Wear: Vision was liberating as a kid growing up in conservative, suburban Northern Virginia. They were the first to formulate a style around skating; an aggressive, punk feeling, yet stark and minimal.

The I-Ching symbol "Li" ☲ : One of 9 basic trigrams; it stands for vision, fire, passion and attachment.

I asked the I-Ching a question and it gave me the "Li" ☲ trigram as an answer. I embraced it as my personal symbol; a summary of my life path.

Drawing had always been my main passion. I attended many art schools focused not just on drawing, but painting, sculpture, film and theater. Art Center College of Design, Pasadena was my final stop on that road. At last I found an institution that embodied what I fought so hard to find. Art Center's Bauhaus roots altered my path as an artist.

After six years, and a total of 3 art schools, I formed a surrealist collective with like-minded artists, called the B.S.I. or "The Bureau of Surrealist Inquires". I named it after the Centrale Surréaliste or "Bureau of Surrealist Enquiries" founded by Antonin Artaud in 1924, Paris.

Surrealism was originally a writing and social movement inspired by Freud's new psychological discoveries mixed with exploration into the occult. In practice, it was mental experiments designed to shed light upon one's own subconscious and the powerful, yet invisible forces that shape the world around you. It was with the B.S.I. that I observed how powerful it was to gather very different artists together, working outside their normal elements, in a comfortable, intellectually-open environment.

Looking for ways to maintain that environment, as an artist and entrepreneur, led to me to seek inspiration in my childhood heroes, George Lucas and Jim Henson.

I read many books about George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic and Jim Henson's Jim Henson Company and realized they had created the exact environment I wanted. Not only that, but they were able to make gorgeous, amazing, spiritual work that resonated with people everywhere and of all ages.

Star Wars and The Dark Crystal remain to this day, two of my favorite movies.

I have spent many years honing my skills in the world of music videos and commericals. Now, I feel it's time to take my experience and integrate it with a fine art sensibility.

That is what Vision Friend is. I'm looking for artists who push deeper into craft and meaning. If this resonates with you, please reach out to me. We may be able to make some magic together.

-Chris Friend